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The Bare Collection ~ FRESH OUT THE BOX!

I'm so excited about this collection. I was super inspired by contemporary style and clean cut lines. 
In this crazy busy world, things just overwhelm our minds. Sometimes we just need to simplify our lives, declutter and come back down to earth.
I wanted to create a low-key, simple yet unique collection of modern pieces that will give their owners that feeling of calmness and serenity when they wear my jewellery, as if they just stepped out of a yoga class or woke up after falling asleep to the soft sounds of a cool breeze, or as if they were so away from the world that they had lost all sense of time or day.
Nature is always my inspiration. I want my jewellery to reflect that as much as possible. I used silver mostly, with some pieces in or featuring brass metal accents. I can't wait to add to this collection. Watch this space! namaste